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The Children's Society

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Mrs Louise Bowen-West is now the secretary for The Children’s Society for our Church and Parish in King’s Cliffe.  Louise will also look after the Community Box in the King’s Cliffe Shopper.

The Society helps children and young people in the United Kingdom whose lives away from home are lonely and frightening.  Many children leave home when they cannot cope with changes there such as their parents splitting up or new partners moving in.

We make our contribution to help these youngsters by collecting our loose change, 10p’s and 50p’s:  the King’s Cliffe Shopper kindly have a Community Box on their counter which has recently realised over £42.00.

Thank you for your contribution for children whose lives are not as safe and loved as our own.  Mrs Bowen-West has the blue boxes if anyone would like one in their home in which to save their contribution for children rescued and befriended by the Children’s Society.  Louise lives at 22 Park Street, King’s Cliffe and her phone number is 01780 470502

Barbara Wilshaw


Christian Aid

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Christian Aid Week is coming round again – this year from 12th to 18th May.  This is such a good charity to support because it helps the really poor and starving people of the world to help themselves.

This year Christian Aid is concentrating on three countries:

In Zimbabwe farming is badly affected by drought and Christian Aid is encouraging the building of dams which supply clean water which is so desperately needed.

In Kenya farming is severely hampered by the inefficient local weather forecasts.  Christian Aid has devised a plan to improve local forecasts by means of text messaging on mobile phones.  This enables farmers to sow their crops at a more appropriate time.

In Bolivia Christian Aid has helped the local people to obtain the legal title deeds to the land so that they can cultivate the cocoa trees which are their main crop.

A small red envelope will be put through your letter box in which you can place a donation.  Please give as generously as you can to those who find it hard to get enough to eat not only in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Bolivia but also in so many other countries.

For other ways to support Christian Aid, please see the advertisements in events.

Rosemary Grove


Easter Egg Hunt

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Thank you to all of the children and young people who brought along parents, grandparents and friends to enjoy the Church Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.  We all had a happy if cold afternoon and were able to give £107 to Church funds.

A very big thank you to everyone who provided cakes and biscuits for tea, and to the very kind people who stood around in the cold serving teas, and generally making sure that everyone had a very sociable afternoon.

The Church Social Committee


Monthly Coffee Morning

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On Wednesday 10th April we enjoyed a very good Coffee morning at the home of Janet Howard.  Her beautiful spring garden was just showing signs of lovely fresh colours to come.  Thank you Janet for entertaining us so well!  We are able to contribute £100 to Church funds so thank you everyone.


The Mothers' Union

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There has been a branch of The Mothers’ Union in King’s Cliffe for many years.  We are now a very small branch and there are only 6 members.  I find am not able to be leader anymore and no other member of our group feels able to lead.  I’ve spoken to Philip and the President of the Diocese and agreement has been made that we will not close the branch as that is final.  So, to make it possible for the branch to reopen at some time in the future, it will now be put into abeyance.

Sweeties are not at the checkout,  Magazines unsuitable for the young people are now on the top shelf, garments of a sexual nature are more difficult to find, a sundress for a pre-teen is now simple and not with a padded bra top.  All these situations have been presented to government by The Mothers’ Union.

In Africa, parent groups and literature groups are being set up and small groups are being given tools and seeds to grow their own plants and sell at market to raise some money to send girls to school.

In our own branch much of our charity giving goes to AFIA. This means Away from it all Holidays.  Families in unhappy circumstances are sent to the seaside to stay in a caravan, all funded by Mothers’ Union Peterborough Diocese.  Some children have never seen the sea.

The Mothers’ Union is a strong organisation and it is a power house of prayer.

Barbara Wilshaw