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Ringing Remembers

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Ringing Remembers


On 11 November 2018, 100 years since the Armistice, bells will ring out from churches and cathedrals in villages, towns and cities across the country. Big Ben will also strike at 11am to mark the centenary.


Church bells across the UK remained restricted throughout the course of the war and only rang freely once Armistice was declared on 11 November 1918.


Many bell ringers joined the war effort, and many lost their lives. Just after the war, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers wrote to all bell towers to compile the Roll of Honour. At the time 1,100 men were reported as lost. During the First World War Centenary the Central Council of Bell Ringers has been reviewing this list and has discovered further bell ringers who died in service to come to a figure of 1,400.


To mark the final year of the First World War centenary commemorations, 1,400 new bell ringers will be recruited in honour of the 1,400 who lost their lives during the First World War.


This campaign to recruit bell ringers, “Ringing Remembers”, aims to keep this traditional British art alive in memory of the 1,400 who lost their lives – linking together past, present and future.


Bell ringing is a traditional skill that anyone can do, as it just requires some co-ordination. Ringers come from all walks of life and range from aged 11, through teenage years, universities, to those in their 80’s. It is good exercise as well as a social team event.


The Peterborough Branch of the Guild of Bell Ringers is aiming to contribute to this number, so they are actively recruiting as many new ringers as possible.


Bell ringing in the Peterborough area is taught at the Castor Ringing School most Saturday mornings from 10am to 12 noon, and at a number of other churches.


If you think you might be interested in learning to ring bells, further information can be found on the Ringing School’s website:  or contact Hilary Hardie, 01780 783855




For information


Church bells are large; ranging in weight from a few hundred pounds to several tons. A ring of bells will usually consist of four to twelve bronze bells.
Bells for change ringing are hung in stout frames that allow the bells to swing through 360 degrees. Each bell is attached to a wooden wheel with a handmade rope running around it.

The bells are arranged in the frame so their ropes hang in a circle in the ringing chamber below. Into each rope is woven a tuft of brightly coloured wool (sally), which marks where the ringer must catch the rope while ringing.

Cotterstock Happenings Over the Years

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Here are a few photographs taken at special services or Church events.  There have been many other occasions that haven’t been recorded or captured on film but this gives you a flavour of times shared in Cotterstock over the past four years.


Wednesday 28th February - The snow in bitter cold fell all the night, and we awoke to see St Andrew's swathed in a blanket of snow, so pretty.

2018 has got off to a flying start thanks to Graham and Cherrill Sands who investigated the idea of running a 100 Club with all the proceeds going to St Andrew's. With the help of Jeff Rowlett our treasurer and the support of the PCC this was launched at a party in the village hall in February. The wine flowed, the canapes' were enjoyed as Graham explained how the 100 Club would be organised and managed.  Watch this space as it is hoped the 100 Club will go live in March with 100 members. 



Sunday 17 December - Carol Service with Reverend Anne Hindle.  Alan Thorpe sang the first verse of 'Once in Royal David's City' and villagers read the readings and poems. The Altar flowers looked stunning thanks to the floristry skills of Cherrill Sands who this year was helped by Matilda Somerville-Cotton. We were very fortunate to welcome Nick Penny to our service who played his harp for a musical interlude. Nick played a beautiful composition of his own and we hope to welcome him back to St Andrew's again very soon. The Warmington bell ringers did not disappoint and once again rang the bells before the service, our oldest bell cast in 1708 must have tolled out over the village for the past 309 years!

Sunday 4th December - Christingle Service with Reverend Anne Hindle.  We are very grateful to Lizzie Ward and Lucy Horne for organising this service where the proceeds were donated to The Children's Society.  Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus and the Bible.  Its releavance at Christmas time was explained during the service. The Christmas tree in Church looks stunning this year; it was so large that it was placed in front of the font and decorated with help from Matilda Somerville-Cotton. People felt that it was more striking as you walk in through the door and suggested  that it should be sited there next year too.

Sunday 13th November we held a very moving Remembrance  Service led by Reverend Anne Hindle and Archdeacon Richard Ormston. It was a superb and very well attended service where people watched a rolling montarge of scenes depicting the Great War on our television as they arrived.   Our  MP, Tom Pursglove, read one of the lessons and Les Stark, the Chair of Oundle and Thrapston British Legion,  gave the Exhortation and Kohima with all the reverance and precision you would expect from a retired member of a Guards Regiment and the last post was played faultlessly by Harrison Smith from Oundle School.

Children from the village came dressed in their cadet service uniforms, Emerald and Brandon Crozier and Alice Bennett in Army Cadet uniforms and Esme Krose in her RAF cadet uniform.  The cadets placed a cross on the altar for the servicemen from the village as their names were read out and their respective bell was tolled with the congregation being able to see their names on the bells headstock on the television too.  The newly refurbished bells are a War Memoial for the village and, as the bells were tolled, it felt that it is a living memorial to those brave men. The bells were all rung half muffled (thanks to Nick Elks climbing into the tower to muffle the clappers), the Rita bell was rung first in memory of all who served and is inscribed "Lest We Forget" . We remembered Charles Stapleton, Frederick Sharp, Albert Berridge, and Kenneth Dundas and as the last bell was tolled we remembered all those permanently scarred in mind and body.  The Warmington bell ringers rang for the occasion, co-ordinated by Nick Elks and after the service other ringers in the congregation enjoyed trying out our newly refurbished bells.

Archdeacon Richard's address set just right the tone, it was interesting, motivating, authentic, clear, targeted but with an appropriate smattering of humour.  He made eveeryone laugh when he said "So Cotterstock, London has Big Ben, now you have Rita". It was wonderful to welcome him back to Cotterstock.

The "One Night Only Choir" of villagers and friends,  rehearsed and conducted by Gill Potts and accompanied by David Milsted sang two pieces beautifully and really helped to create an emotional evening. 

Villagers had kindly given their time to tidy up the churchyard and to  clean and decorate the Church for the occasion.  Cherrill Sand's flowers on the altar were stunning and the candles all around the Church added greatly to the atmosphere. Hot drinks and Anzac biscuits were served after the service and Reverend David Bond was heard to say "I think we got that just right, a moving tribute" and he thanked everyone for their hard work.

Sunday 15 October at 9.00 a.m. Reverend David Bond officiated at a  communion service and it was lovely to see the television used to illustrate his sermon on Saint Luke.  As he told the congregation about the life of Saint Luke paintings of him were displayed.  Afterwards people enjoyed looking at the stone carvings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Church porch that he had highlighted in his sermon.

Sunday 24 September at 6.00 p.m. lots of villagers and some visitors enjoyed our Harvest Festival service and auction of produce. The Church, which had been decorated by villagers the previous day, looked very bright and colourful with fresh fruit and vegetables, jars of preserves, homemade cakes and bread and beautiful floral arrangements on every surface for Graham Sands to auction after the service. Jake and Cherrill read the lessons Esme, Alex, Brandon and Emerald read an excert from a play teaching us about the importance of fair trade, and Honor and Matilda organised the collection very efficiently. Some items in the auction were highly prized, Rob secured Elizabeth's fruit cake and there was a bidding frenzy for Joyce's lemon curd. Everyone enjoyed Prosecco and refreshments after the service.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June we held a Celebratory Weekend on what was the hottest day of the year to celebrate the completion of this phase of the bells project.  Gardens were open throughout the village, teas and homemade cakes were served in the village hall using white cloths and vintage crockery, a display of flowerpot people were on view in main street and of course St Andrew's was open with David on hand to talk about the project.

Gorgeous floral displays adorned the Church created by Cherrill Sands, Mavis Rowlett, Elizabeth Rooms and Mave Duffin. We were also very fortunate to have organists, some coming from as far away as Leicester to play for an hour at a time. Adrian Eldridge sold paintings, drawings and prints by his late wife Wendy and very kindly donated all the proceeds to St Andrew's too.  

At 6.00p.m. The Bishop of Peterborough the Right Reverend Donald Allister attended a special service to re-dedicate the bells and to accept the new 'Rita' bell from Simon Adams a director of Taylor's Bell Foundry in front of Reverend David Bond and a packed church, people were standing at the back and sitting on the stone ledges too.

The bells rang, expertly organised by Nick Elks, and bell ringers from Warmington and further afield had the opportunity to ring too including Simon Adams from Taylor's foundry.  The congregation were able to watch the bells working on the television and when it was on split screen they could see the bells and ringers and a view over the countryside from the top of the tower at the same time.  Reverend Anne Hindle officiated at a most memorable service. The service was filmed by Simon Clapham of Fazed Films and the DVD will serve as a permanent record of the occasion.

The PCC would like to say a massive "Thank you" to anyone who helped in any way to make both of the open weekends such a success.  It was wonderful to welcome so many people to the village and to St Andrew's and the comments in the visitor's book show how much people enjoyed them.  These weekends weren't about raising money, it was a true celebration of a community project to restore the bells and to augment the ring to six.

Friday 9th June Adrian Eldridge produced and delivered eight plinths to the Church for us to display some of the research material that has been compiled during the bells project.  The titles are History of the Bells of Cotterstock, Church Towers of the Nene Valley, Collegiate Churches, Cotterstock and Wool, Cotterstock and Wool - the Porch. The display plinths will reside in Church on the ledges and be there for visitors to enjoy.

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June we held and open weekend in Church to give people the opportunity to see the bells. The 'Rita' bell was adorned with a garland of flowers devised by Cherrill Sands and other beautiful arrangements were made by Mave Duffin. 

We were also delighted to have an art installation by the London  based  artist Angela Wright.  Angela works in wool and had crested a stunning work of metres of strands of wool cascading over the altar into a pool of swirls almost to the communion rail.  She also created a sea of wool underneath the bells displayed in the base of the tower and it gave the impression of them sitting on a cushion.  It was a stunning display and many people visited over the weekend and enjoyed talking to Reverend David Bond about the bell project and to Angela about her work.  A video detailing the bells project was playing throughout the day and delicious refreshments were served in Church too.  

Tuesday 30th May was a very historic day in the life of St Andrew's as the refurbished bells and bell frames were returned along with  our new 'Rita' WW1 memorial bell. There was a palpable air of excitement as villagers were waiting at the gates of the Church to welcome them home as they arrived on the back of a flat bed lorry; they then helped to trundle them into Church through the West door.

Monday 24 April the 'One Night Only Choir' had their first rehearsal with Gill Potts in the village hall at 7.30p.m. The choir will sing something suitable when the Bishop of Peterborough comes to rededicate the bells on Sunday 18th June at 6.00p.m. They will have seven rehearsals in total, there are no auditions so please come and join them if you are able.

Friday 21 April Reverend David Bond arranged for 10 (young and not so young) would be bell ringers to have a taster session at Warmington Church with Alex Dyer. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and decided to continue with the lessons so hopefully we will have a team of people able to ring our bells.

Sunday 16th April Thanks to Cherrill Sands our very hard working Church Warden St Andrew's looked beautiful for our traditional Easter Service with beautiful floral arrangements that scented the building. Cherrill had also made a delicious simnel cake which we all enjoyed with Elizabeth's freshly brewed coffee. 

Thursday 6th April Thirty five people enjoyed a visit to Taylor's Bell Foundry in Loughborough to see our new 'Rita' WW1 melorial bell cast. It was a fascinating visit - read a full account in the bells reject section of this web site.

Having battled to gain the relevant permissions from the Diocesan Advisory Committee, the Bat Protection Society, Historic England, East Northants Planning Authority, etc. we were able to erect the scaffolding for the Terne Coated Stainless Steel to be put on the North Aisle roof and to that end the scaffolding was erected in the Churchyard on the 13th February.  Soon, we hope St. Andrew's will once again be watertight. Graham Sands has worked tirelessy to bring this sad event to a satisfactory conclusion and we are very grateful to Graham as it has not been an easy task.


Sunday 11th December Villagers enjoyed our traditional Carols by Candlelight service.

Sunday 4th December Lucy Horne kindly organised the Christingle service  in aid of 'The Children's Society" again this year.  Lucy and her family had  made all the christingles so that every child attending could enjoy holding one and eating the treats afterwards but with a good understanding of the symbolism; the world, the blood of Christ, God's creations and Jesus' light in the world.  The congregatin enjoyed the warmth and vibrancy of the celebration whilst donating to 'The Children's Society' and playing a part in transforming the lives of children.

Tuesday 29th November

At last some good news, we heard that we have been granted £1500 from the Hedley Trust towards the roof fund.

Sunday 27th November Reverend Anne Hindle officiated at our St Andrew's Day service assisted by Reverend David Bond who delivered the prayers and intercessions.  Emerald and Brandon Crozier performed a playlet  based on The Lord's Prayer and everyone congratulated them on how well they did it.  The Church was candlelit for the service and we are very grateful to Brandon for lighting so many candles!  Villagers read poems and passages from the Bible and afterwards everyone enjoyed wine and nibbles.

Friday 25th November Melissa and Rob Williams, ably assisted by fellow American friends, organised, cooked and served an amazing Thanksgiving meal in Cotterstock village hall.  The hall was beautifully decorated with "pop-up" turkeys, bunting, napkins, banners, etc and the tables were laid with linen cloths.  We were treated to a veritable feast of turkey, homemade apricot and sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and green salad.  Desert was a choice of pumpkin pie or pecan pie with fresh cream.  There was a fantastic raffle prize draw with 16 prizes and Paul Deans finished the evening Cotterstock style with a game of heads and tails.  It was a brilliant occasion that will be remembered for a very long time and it raised £1026 for the St Andrew's Roof appeal.  Thank you to everyone that helped in any way to make this evening such a success but especially so to Rob and Melissa.

Sunday 11th  November Reverend Anne Hindle officiated at a moving Service of Remembrance and Reverend David Bond delivered the prayers and intercessions.  Les Stark, the chair of Oundle and District Royal British Legion, read the Epitaph and Kohema and Mary Prosser, the British Legion Standard bearer, attended too.  The last post was played superbly by Harrison Smith from Oundle School and villagers read the lessons and poems.  Graham Sands read out the names of men from Cotterstock killed in action during WW1 and WW2 and village children placed a cross on the altar for each name that was read out; Angela Whiteway sang a beautiful solo which resulted in a spontaneous burst of applause. Village children in the CCF, scouts and guides attended in uniform, gave out the orders of service and organised the collection which was in aid of the Royal British Legion.

Monday 31st October

The Leadworks replaced the lead on the South Aisle of St Andrew's.

Wednesday 12th October

E-Bound Security fitted our new roof alarm which should be a deterrent to anyone trying to steal our lead in future.

Sunday 25th September Lots of people enjoyed a Harvest Festival Service with Reverend Anne Hindle. Villagers read the lessons and poems and the church was beautifully decorated with produce from garden and hedgerow.  After the service all of the offerings were auctioned by Adrian Eldridge and then juice and harvest bars were served in the chancel.  The proceeds from the sale of produce will go towards the cost of replacing the lead that was stolen from our roof.

Saturday 10th September The Church was open all day to welcome people partaking in Ride and Stride for the Historic Churches Trust.  Helen and Rowena represented the village and raised an amazing amount of money, well done to them and to Helen for once again organising all the sitters and refreshments.

Tuesday 19th July Our excellent new oak noticeboard was erected in the churchyard. It was crafted by Roly Scotney who donated all his labour and promised to keep it oiled and maintained for the first year of its life to ensure that it will have longevity. It is so nice to once again be able to proudly display the name of our Church and our notices clearly and we are really grateful to Roly.

Thursday 14th July 25 people from Kettering U3a visited St Andrew's for a guided tour of the church with Reverend David Bond and to learn more about our "Bells Project".  It was a gorgeous sunny day, the first for a while, and everyone throughly enjoyed their visit.Four more groups have booked a tour with David and these will commence in September.

Tuesday 12th July A sad day for the village. Whilst we all slept, three and a half tons of lead was stolen from our church roof and porch. So many people have put so much time and effort into refurbishing St Andrew's but now we are faced with needing to replace the lead or a less expensive material at a cost in the region of £25000; this we sadly do not have. At the moment we have no idea what we are going to do other than getting companies to give us quotes and applying for Faculty to undertake the necessary repairs.

Sunday 10th June The children from Mrs Coulthard's class at Glapthorn School returned to play "Jerusalem" on the hand bells at a Songs of Praise service at 6.00p.m. with Reverend David Bond.  As part of their work on bells, stimulated by visiting the church, they learnt to play the hand bells and the congregation were delighted by their performance.  The hand bells were kindly loaned to the school by Southwick Church.

Monday 20th June The bells were carefully wheeled through the churchyard on a cart (in a way similar to that used hundreds of years ago when they were installed)and then loaded onto a flat-bed truck for their journey to Taylor's Bell Foundry in Loughborough.  It was another moving and historic day in the life of our church.  Despite the wind and rain many villagers came to see the bells make their appearance into the light and out onto the lorry.

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June St Andrew's was the centre of the village's Country Flowers and Bygones weekend.  The church was decorated with vintage farm machinery and kitchenalia all displayed with beautiful floral arrangements inside and out.  Beautiful troughs of flowers were exhibited alongside more formal arrangements and it was a truly amazing display.  The Reverend David Bond was available in church to explain to people about our Lottery Funding to restore the bells and the history of them and the church.  Flowerpot men of all shapes and sizes were on show around the village and delicious teas and homemade cakes were for sale in the village hall. On Saturday our international annual duck race took place at Cotterstock lock and we are very grateful to Paul and Elaine Brooker for organising this so successfully once again.  A significant number of people visited our village during this weekend and from the comments we received they thoroughly enjoyed the event. The weekend concluded with a Songs of Praise service at 6.00p.m. when Canon Jessop blessed the bells before they began their journey to the foundry. This was a truely community event with a majority of villagers getting involved - Cotterstock at its best.

Thursday 16th June Children from Glapthorn School arrived to have a tour of the church and to see the bells.  They were fascinated to see them up close and to think about the time in history when they were cast.  They produced beautiful drawings of the church, the bells and bell wheels which will be displayed in the base of the tower.  Afterwards their teacher, Mrs Coulthard,  asked if they could come back in 2017 to see the bells when they have been cleaned but before they are rehung and we will be delighted to welcome them.

Wednesday 15th June Simon Adams and Nick Elks continued to work on the project and by 4.30 p.m. the bells were down and on display in the base of the tower along with wheels, ropes, etc.  It was then that a team of villagers descended on the church to clean up all the dust and debris to ensure that the bells and their mechanisms looked at their best.

Tuesday 14th June Simon Adams from Taylors Bell Foundry with Nick Elks and Nick Churchman began the task of lowering the bells.  Villagers were coming into church all day to see their progress and to help by working the winch and providing refreshments for the hard working crew.  It was a dirty job but SO exciting when the bells revealed themselves in the mouth of the trap door. Videos and photographs of the occasion were taken and will subsequently be displayed in the church and on the noticeboard.

Saturday 11th June The bells in St Andrew's church were rung for the last time before going off the the bell foundry to be refurbished and tuned; it was a historic day as the they will never sound the same again.  When they are returned we will have a sixth bell to be dedicated in the name of Rita Bond, a hardworking church warden and verger who worked tirelessly for the church for more than 30 years. The bells were recorded for posterity on a CD, being rung individually and together.  Reverend David Bond treated everyone to champagne and nibbles as we toasted this event.

Saturday 21 May Nigel Hill from "Harpur's of Oundle" delivered a most entertaining and informative talk about his time as a drummer in a band through to being a qualified gemologist and goldsmith with workshops in London's Hatton Garden and Oundle. Tina, Nigel's partner, displayed a gorgeous range of jewellery on the night and, judging from the cards that we and Harpur's have received, a good time was had by all. A staggering £1007 was raised towards the bell fund and we are extrememly grateful to Nigel for putting together such a brilliant evening.

Monday 16 May You might have heard the whoops of delight from the PCC as we heard that we have officially received a grant of £49300 from the heritage lottery fund to refurbish the bells in St Andrew's and to augment the ring to six with a new lighter treble bell which will be our WW1 memorial bell.  Obviously we are delighted and looking forward to beginning the project.  Work will begin very quickly now; on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June Taylors of Loughborough will lower the bells and they will lie in the base of the tower for visitors to see during our Country Flowers and Bygones weekend.  On Monday 20th June they will be collected and taken to the foundry; a visit to the foundry will be arranged in the Autumn when we will be able to see our new bell cast and the existing bells being retuned.  These are very exciting times for St Andrew's.

Saturday 23rd January 2016 a well attended Induction service was conducted by the Bishop of Peterborough and the Archeacon of Oakham in St Mary's Church Warmington to Institute our new incumbent, the Reverend Anne Hindle.  Reverend Anne is now firmly in post and conducted her first service in Cotterstock the day after her induction. We warmly welcome her and look forward to getting to know her better in the coming months.

Sunday 10th January 2016 at 6.00 p.m. Father Anthony Searle organised and officiated at a "Three Kings' Day Service" ably assisted by most of the children in the village. Honor, Alice and Daisy acted out the part of the magi bringing gifts to the infant at appropriate times in the Carol "We Three Kings". Esme wrote a beautiful poem about the Kings' story which she recited and Alex, Brandon, Emerald, Ellie, and Matilda read lessons and prayers very confidently. The church was decorated with candles, Cherrill's stunning flower arrangements and many cards depicting the three kings in various guises. At one point Father Anthony blessed chalk and the whole congregation, including little Aaron, processed out through the North door to mark the frames with the magi's initials before returning through the south door. Many people commented on how lovely it was to have and to smell real myrrh and frankincense as well as using a door they had never been through before! We are grateful to Father Anthony for putting together this innovative service, a first for Cotterstock.


Sunday 20th December 2015 at 6.00 p.m. Reverend Ian Browne officiated at our Carols by Candlelight service.  The Church looked resplendant, decorated with evergreens, candles and floral arrangements and the Christmas tree twinkled with new lights kindly donated by Mary Shurville.  Reverend Browne delivered a service that told us about the family tree of Jesus and the origins of some of our favourite Christmas carols through carefully chosen bible readings, passages and poems that were read by villagers.  The congregation completed  a proforma prepared by Lindsay Rooms asking for their preferred time of family services in 2016.  This data will be shared with Reverend Anne Hindle so that she will feel informed when she takes up her new position and plans services for the benefice. People sitting in pews with new heaters reported that they were lovely and warm, Jake, Shelley and Adrian removed their coats!  Monica Crosby was our organist and members of the PCC had prepared delicious refreshments which people stayed to enjoy after the service. The mulled wine produced by our new vintner Cherrill Sands was enjoyed by all.

Sunday 6th December 2015 at 4.00 p.m., Reverend Lynda Davies officiated at the annual candlelit Christingle Service. Lynda encouraged the children to participate by doing readings and prayers and everyone stood in a circle to be given a Christingle and to have their candle lit.  It was very well attended with 29 people taking part and it really helped to make a lovely start to the Christmas season.  We are very grateful to Lynda for making it such a lovely service; £128 was raised for Save the Children and Lucy Horne wanted to thank everyone for their generosity towards this amazing charity which helps children in poverty or with the traumas of exploitation or the burden of caring for a loved one.  The PCC are indebted to Lucy for once again making the christingles, organising the collection and the service with Reverend Lynda Davies.

Sunday 29th November 2015 at 6.00 p.m., The Venerable Richard Ormston officiated at our St Andrew's Day Service. The Warmington bell ringers signalled the start of this service and Angela Whiteway sang a beautiful solo whilst adults and children read lessons and poems. The Archdeacon had combined Advent and St Andrew's Day which made it a very thoughtful and relevant service.  It was fitting that we sang one of Reverend Brian Roger's favourite hymns, "I Cannot Tell How He Whom Angels Worship" as Brian started the tradition of having a patronal service and his name was mentioned a number of times during the course of the evening.  The Church was full of villagers and visitors who stayed to enjoy wine, soft drinks and nibbles whilst catching up with Archdeacon Richard and chatting with friends. We were very grateful to the Archdeacon of Northampton for bringing his faith, enthusaism and generosity of spirit to our lovely church.

Saturday 21st November 2015 at 7.30 p.m. Viscount William Addison and Bob Davies did a fundraising talk in Cotterstock Village Hall.

They regaled people with tales and pictures of their five-week motorcycling adventure in Patagonia, South America to raise money for the bell restoration project at St Andrew's. This was a 'sell out' event; people enjoyed empanadas kindly made and donated by the Red Lion at Warmington, followed by eclairs and Grace's chocolate brownies.  Will and Bob inspired people with their amazing exploits and had one of their BMW R1200GS motorbikes in the hall which some people couldn't resist trying on for size!  Incredibly £829.50 was raised and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

St Andrew's hosted its first Service of Remembrance for many years on Sunday 8th November 2015 at 6.00 p.m. Reverend David Bond officiated at this moving service which sixty people attended. Les Starks, the chairman of Oundle Royal British Legion and the British Legion standard bearer took part; Brandon Crozier and Alex Kroese who are in the Army Cadets handed out the orders of service and organised the collection which was in aid of the Legion. We were fortunate to have Philip James from Oundle School to play the Last Post and the Rouse; two minutes silence was observed and villagers read lessons and poems.  A 'Pop-Up Museum' of WW1 and WW2 artefacts was created in Church and villagers also suplied a fascinating array of items belonging to relatives who lived through that period. Oundle Museum also brought memorabilia which meant that there was lots to look at and to talk about whilst enjoying a hot drink and Anzac biscuits after the service.  It was suggested that a service of remembrance might be held every year in future, particularly as we do not have a war memorial in the village.

Tuesday 24th November 2015 saw the completion of Phase One of our heating project. An anonymous bequest was received by the PCC to improve the heating in St Andrew's and Jeff and Mavis Rowlett have worked tirelessly on getting Faculty permission to do the project, choosing suitable heaters and organising the fitting of them on the back of the pews.  Approximately half of the pews have new heaters now and hopefully at a later date we can try to procure a grant to complete the project.  The PCC are very grateful to Mavis and Jeff for overcoming many obstacles before bringing this project to completion. 

Bishop John Flack officiated at our Songs of Praise service on Sunday 18th October 2015 at 6.00 p.m. The Warmington bell ringers heralded the start of the service and the Church was adorned with beautiful flower arrangements for the occasion.

42 people attended the service and enjoyed singing the top seven hymns chosen in our recent hymn survey, all accompanied by John Miley.  Bishop John delivered a thoughtfully crafted service around St Luke's Day and explained the background of how the selected hymns were written. Bryan Green, Fabian Sommerville-Cotton, Cherrill Sands and Bob Davies read the lessons.  Bishop John said that he could feel a "tangible warmth from the congregation" and commented on the special community atmosphere; he said he would like to be invited to take another service in Cotterstock.

After the service people stayed to enjoy wine and canapes served in the chancel.

St Andrew's looked beautiful for our traditional Harvest Service on Sunday 27th September 2015 at 6.00 p.m. led by the Reverend Ian Browne.  Villagers decorated the church with produce from field, hedgerow and garden and the scent from the flowers was stunnng as you entered.

A peal of bells by Warmington bell ringers heralded the start of the service which was very well attended.  

Reverend Ian Browne had prepared a lovely service and Esme and Emerald assisted him by bringing produce to the front as he gave thanks for our varied harvest. The flowers and produce were auctioned at the harvest supper the following Friday.

After the service hot drinks and nibbles were served in the chancel and people stayed to enjoy the harvest displays and to catch up with friends and neighbours.

On Sunday 14th June 2015 Reverend David Bond conducted a Garden Service in his beautiful "Quiet Garden" in Cotterstock.  It was a very special service giving time for thought and reflection in the open air.

After the service cream teas were served on the lawn and there was time to take a leisurely stroll around the different parts of David's lovely garden.

Reverend Brian Roger’s retired after being the respected and highly regarded vicar of Cotterstock for 20 years; his last service in Cotterstock was on Sunday 26th April 2015 and the church was full of villagers past and present who wanted to say farewell. People had journeyed from London, Harrogate and Caerphilly to attend his last service in the village and to wish him well in his retirement.

The “One Night Only Choir” reformed again with Gill Potts as their conductor and they practised for six weeks to mark this memorable occasion.

Brian was presented with a card by Reverend David Bond; it was full of messages of thanks and good wishes and David shared some special anecdotes of times he had shared with him over the years.  A champagne toast was made by Lindsay Rooms, Church Warden, and the congregation enjoyed a piece of appropriately decorated fruit cake.  Villagers had contributed towards a benefice cheque which Brian was presented with at another reception in Warmington.

On Thursday 23rd April 2015 Anne Cotton did a brilliant talk on the History of Women’s Shoes to raise money towards the refurbishment of the bell frame in St Andrew’s Church.  A staggering £1861 was raised and an enjoyable evening was had by all.


On Saturday 13th September 2014  we held a  Church Open Day and Book Sale which raised £570 for church funds.

On Sunday 14th September 2014 the children of Cotterstock performed “Jonah and the Whale” through song, readings and poems. The service was very well attended and Reverend Brian Rogers conducted a carefully crafted interactive service with the children, they were all very confident and Brandon amazed everyone with his rapping.


On the 30th November 2013 – we held a printed raffle prize draw which raised £1724.00 for Church funds.

September 2013 - Harvest Festival, Reverend Brian Rogers officiated at our traditiional harvest service with produce from field and hedgerow on display. He had prepared a thoughtful sermon which appealed to and involved the farmers, gardeners and fishermen in the congregation.

In June 2013  we held our popular Hymns and Pimms Service with Reverend Brian Rogers,  a service which has become a village favourite and very well supported this and the beautiful warm sunny evening  enticed people to congregate outside afterwards and chat.

On the 14th May 2013 we held a Prayers and Patisseries Service – the family service was followed by a delicious homemade cake sale which ment people had a treat for tea and it swelled the coffers of St Andrew's too.

On the 28th March 2013  we organised an Antiques Roadshow with Tim Stubbs from ‘The Red Lion’ in Warmington. Tim talked about his favourite antiques and collectables, he valued items that people had brought in and we had a stall of donated vintage and antique items all to raise money for village hall and church funds. This was a sell-out event and £1125 was raised.


On November 30th 2012 – the Bishop of Peterborough officiated at our St. Andrew’s Day Service and blessed the new floodlights. It was very special for St Andrew's to welcome our Bishop.  A ‘One Night Only Choir’ was created, conducted by Gill Potts for the visit of Bishop Donald and to mark this special day.

Robin Horsell, our Church Warden, who spearheaded the floodlight project officially turned on the lights at the St Andrew’s Day Service, he looks delighted that at last the project had come to fruition.

July 2012 – Reverend Brian Rogers, our church wardens Robin Horsell and Simon Drewett and Rob Sadler our electrician positioned the new floodlights to decide on their exact location.  It does look as if they are waiting for some kind of divine intervention!

June 2012 saw our “70s Style Fete” to raise money for St Andrew's and Cotterstock Village Hall – a lot of fun was had by all as can be seen in the following photographs.

In April 2012 we organised  "Tea at the Ritz, Cotterstock Style". This event was organised because of the generosity of Ann and James Simpson who donated the use of their marquee and garden. The Sunday was a typical summer's day with unremitting pouring rain and blustery winds, so setting up for the event was quite challenging, but once inside the marquee with the industrial heater blowing and volunteers aplenty it was indeed transformed into Cotterstock's version of The Ritz.

By the time the first customers arrived both the maitre d', Adrian Eldridge and the champagne sommelier, Viscount Addison were in position in full regalia to provide a hearty welcome.  With the pianist Nathan Binmore playing and our waiters and waitresses serving delicious sandwiches, scones and cakes (all made by villagers) no one worried about the weather.  Alongside all this, in our Church there was an organ recital, stunning floral displays and tours with the Reverends David Bond and Brian Rogers. The day ended with Evensong with Reverend Brian Rogers where his appropriately chosen theme was "community".  We raised £1424 for St Andrew's and are very grateful to everyone that helped to stage this event and to everyone who came and supported it - it really was Cotterstock at its best.

EU Referendum Debate

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On 3rd May parishioners from King's Cliffe and the nearby villages gathered in the Parish Church to question activists on their views on the coming In-Out Referendum on our place in the EU.

Pictured here (left to right) are Helen Harrison and Andy Mercer for 'Leave' and Kierran Murray and George Smid for 'Remain'