'And now for the Commercial ...'


Thomas Christie

‘And now for the commercial…’

These words invariably form part of my introductory welcome, when I speak to those present at our weddings before the bride arrives at St Mary’s and St Andrew’s.   After reminding them about when to take photographs and throw confetti, I invite the guests to give thanks for this particular wedding - or their own - by making a donation which can help us maintain the church buildings and continue serving the community.  In recent months we have been greatly supported in this way; two recent gifts from residents in Wansford resulted in the new curtain by the main door at St Mary’s and the coverings for the cushion seats.  We are deeply appreciative of this generosity and also of those who worked so hard to raise a considerable sum over the Festival weekend through the tombola at the Show and the Ceilidh in the evening.   

Together with the Gift Day offerings and the collections taken at the occasional offices, our funds are in a reasonably healthy state.  However, I should like to encourage more regular contributions so that we can complete our projects.  This next year we hope to install sound systems in both churches, redecorate St Andrew’s and provide a lavatory at St Mary’s, but we do need support from the wider community.  What has been achieved so far would not have been possible were it not for the grants from the Landfill Tax, ably managed at a local level by the Thornhaugh Environmental Association (TEA); it has been a wonderful combined effort.

It can also help if people remember the church in their wills by leaving a specific sum for the upkeep of our beautiful parish churches.  The following is a form of bequest for those who may kindly wish to make a gift by will or codicil:  I hereby give and bequeath to the Parochial Church Council of Thornhaugh and Wansford the sum of £….. free of duty, and I direct the same should be paid to the Honorary Treasurer thereof for the time being, and that the receipt shall be a good and sufficient discharge of the same.’    More details can be provided by our Treasurer, Mrs Judith Rogers, 1 Robinswood, Wansford, PE8 6JQ (Tel: 783441).  

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Pause for reflection: ‘When people say they have not anything to give for good causes, they are as a rule telling the truth.  They have nothing to give because they have already spent everything.’ James Denney.