Church Services

General Pattern of Services at Aldwincle

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General Pattern


First 1045 Family Service Aldwincle  
Third 1045 Holy Communion or Morning Prayer Aldwincle  

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Detailed List

Local church services    NB changes to previous pattern are in bold italics

& Preachers etc


18th                  Acts 2:42-end  John 10:1-10

9.15am       Morning Prayer Julia- Titchmarsh

9.15am       Communion Liz -------------Pilton

10.45am     Morning Prayer and Baptism


4.30 pm      Family Service  Jim-----Achurch


25th              Acts 7:55-end John 14:1-14

9.15am        Family Communion Liz


10.45am       Communion Jim---- Stoke Doyle

6.00pm         Evensong Carolyn----Wadenhoe


29th               Ascension Day

7.30pm         Evensong    ----Titchmarsh





1st   9.15 am Communion Titchmarsh                          Liz

10.45 am   Family Service Aldwincle                            Jim

2.30pm     Rogation walk from Titchmarsh turn Clopton         Jim

6.00pm     Evensong Achurch                              Carolyn


Wednesday 4th 9.30am Communion All Saints Ald .Jim


8th  9.15 am  Communion  Titchmarsh                Cathy

10.45 am   Communion & baptism Wadenhoe    Cathy

4.30 pm    Family Service Titchmarsh                           Jim

6.00 pm    Evensong Stoke Doyle                        Carolyn


15th   9.15 am Morning Prayer Titchmarsh          Julia

9.15 am    Communion Pilton  with choir            Jim

10.45 am  Communion Aldwincle                        Liz

4.30 pm    Family Service Achurch                      Cathy


22nd 9.15 am Family Service & baptism Titchmarsh Cathy

10.45am   Communion Stoke Doyle                    Liz

6.00pm     Evensong Wadenhoe                                    Jim


29th 9.15 am Patronal Communion Achurch                Jim

10.45 am Communion Pilton                               Liz

4.30pm    St Peter’s Day Family Service Clopton         Carolyn


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Jim (Mynors) is the Rector, Liz (Waller) the Assistant Priest

Carolyn (Brawn) the Reader, Cathy (Brazier) the Curate

Stephen (Barber) and Julia (Powell) are Churchwardens.

JULY 2014


6th    9.15 am Communion Titchmarsh              Jim

10.45 am   Patronal Family Service & baptism Aldwincle                         Cathy

6.00pm      Evensong Achurch                                      Carolyn


Wednesday 9th 9.30am Communion All Saints Ald       Cathy


13th 9.15 am  Communion  Titchmarsh              Cathy

10.45 am  Communion  Wadenhoe                      Liz

4.30 pm    Family Service Titchmarsh                           Cathy

6.00 pm    Evensong Stoke Doyle                        Carolyn


20th   9.15 am Morning Prayer Titchmarsh          Stephen

9.15 am     Communion Pilton                                       Liz

10.45 am   Morning Prayer Aldwincle                           Cathy

4.30pm     Family Service Achurch                      Carolyn

6.00pm  Evensong with choir  Titchmarsh          Cathy


27th  9.15am Family Service & baptism Titchmarsh Jim

10.45am     Communion Stoke Doyle                            Jim

6.00pm       Evensong Wadenhoe                         Jim


Preachers at Aldwincle Baptist Church

All Services at 3.00pm unless otherwise stated


June 1st  Dr Keith Helliwell      July 6th Dr Tony Cullum      Woodford

               [Communion]                     13th  Mrs Jackie Bacon/Mr Philip

8th      Pulpit Exchange                               Copperwheat         Carey

15th    Mr Andrew Burgess Oundle     20th  Mr Ted Gascoyne

22nd   Songs of Praise                                                              Long Bennington

29th     Dr Keith Helliwell [11am]      27th   Dr Keith Helliwell []