Church Services

Detailed List of Current Services for June / July 2014

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Detailed List


Sunday 1st. 11:00am. Parish Communion. 7th Sunday after Easter.

Tuesday 3rd. 11:00am. Communion at Clanfield. (TBC)

Sunday 8th. 10:30am. Songs and Praise. (not communion). Day of Pentecost.

Sunday 15th. 11:00am Eucharist. Trinity Sunday.

Sunday 22nd. 10:30am. Sunday worship. First Sunday after Trinity.


Sunday 6th. 11:00am. Parish Communion. Third Sunday after Trinity.

Tuesday 6th. 11:00am. Communion at Clanfield.

Sunday 13th. 10:30am. Songs of Praise. Fourth Sunday after Trinity.

Sunday 20th. 11:00am Eucharist. Fifth Sunday after Trinity.

Sunday 27th. 10:30am. Sunday Worship. Sixth Sunday after Trinity.


Sunday 3rd. 11:00am. Parish Communion. 7th Sunday after Trinity.

Sunday 1st June. 11:00am. Parish Communion. Seventh Sunday of Easter.


Please contact any of the following for further information, or look again later at this page.

 These services are correct at the time of writing, but may change.

If you would like to attend church but do not to come on your own or finding it diffocult to getting there,

then please contact one of us and we will do our best to help.

Rector: Charles Jefferson. 01832 730814.

Reader. Joy Farey-Wood, 01832 733392.

Churchwardens. Sally Morris: 01832 733392.

                       Elizabeth Cox: 01832 734253.

Secretary: Gisela Daniels.  01832 734133